• Babes, Brews & Dancin' Shoes!

    Learn a fun choreography while wearing your baby, and then head to Axle Brewery after class! 

    Babywearing dance is a post-natal dance class designed to get you fit and reacquainted with your body, while sharing time with your baby.

    Dancing with your baby is a natural way to soothe them if they’re fussy or upset. Partnered with music and movement, your baby will be in tune with the rhythm of your breathing, your heartbeat and your movements.

    This workshop fuses together latin dancing, belly dancing and ballet dance styles, as the movements in both latin dances and belly dance are similar to the rocking motion a baby would experience in utero and the natural movements you would use to soothe your baby.

    This workshop is open to everyone regardless of dance experience. Please bring your own supportive carrier with you.

    Cost - $20

    Register HERE