• Back to Work - Breastfeeding Workshop

    Are you returning to work and hoping to continue breastfeeding? Are you feeling worried about how being separated from baby could affect your supply or breastfeeding relationship? Not sure how often to pump, how much milk to send to daycare, or what your rights in the workplace are? Then this class is for you.

    Join Erin Molnar, CLE for a Back to Work class, where we'll cover:
    • Returning to Work
    • Bottle-Feeding a Breastfed Baby
    • Selecting & Purchasing a Pump
    • Pumping at Work
    • How Much Milk to Send
    • Educating Caregivers
    • Troubleshooting Challenges
    • Traveling
    • Maintaining the Breastfeeding Relationship
    • Q&A

    This class is recommended for new moms or expectant moms at least a few weeks prior to returning to work. Fee is for two people (mom-to-be and a support person or caregiver). Pre-crawlers or babies in arms may attend with you.

    Saturday, January 6th 11:15am - 12:45pm

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