4 WEEK CHALLENGE WITH MuTu Pro™ Ashley Gammon

    Join me on a four week challenge that will literally transform your body from the inside out. We will begin with learning how to properly engage pelvic floor and core muscles while breathing. Once you have reconnected your brain with your core we will slowly add exercises that are all safe for a postpartum body. Throughout this 4 week challenge I will add some education pieces and you will see that this is SO much more than just a workout. I will provide you with support, exercises and motivation throughout this challenge. This special class will meet every Friday from 12-1:30pm. Class will include a warm-up, exercise, stretches and we will use the last 30 minutes for a support circle. This will give us time to connect and talk more about the importance of your core and pelvic floor. This is such an important yet very ignored area in women's health. Kick start your 2017 right with me! Babies ALWAYS welcome!

    Cost - $97 (only 6 spots available per month) 

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