• Dia de los Muertos/ Day of the Dead with Doodle Bugs

    An interactive and imaginative program supporting cognitive and emotional growth through a creative crash course in the arts. This course welcomes moms and dads in an immersive lesson in creativity and self expression.

    Preregistration Required: Cost $12.00

    Artist Mary Gagnon, a native of southwest Detroit and east Dearborn, developed an arts course called doodle bugs which works with young people to nurture artistic skill, personal expression, and self confidence through artistry. Through this course she plans to continue to bridge the gap between available resources and mentoring and different demographics across south eastern Michigan. She plans on continuing to seek out opportunities to work with children from all neighborhoods and backgrounds and provide them with the opportunities to strengthen their voices and project their narratives in hopes that these skills can be recycled and implemented into their adolescence and adulthood in order to better serve and manifest growth and inclusion in their communities.

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