• Drop-In Play & Family Services

    Drop-In Play  
    We offer a non-toxic yesteryear open playtime experience with our all-natural play environment. Enjoy spending time with other families at a relaxed unstructured pace. All ages.

    Baby Sign Language 
    Get ready to set your daily routine to music while promoting language development, learning and fun! Sign and Play classes teach parents and caregivers how to use American Sign Language vocabulary to enhance communication with their little ones, promote bonding, boost vocabulary and more! You'll learn the most useful starter signs including those for food, drink, pets, family, clothing, transportation, manners and bedtime. Each week will also feature a Signing Tip, in which we will discuss the benefits of using ASL with babies and toddlers. This class is geared toward ages 3 and under and is based on the award-winning Baby Signing Time! 

    Infant Massage 
    Infant massage has benefits for parents and their babies. It supports bonding and attachment by allowing for quiet, uninterrupted time where parents are also able to work on reading their babies cues and respecting what they are communicating to them. Research shows that it decreases postpartum depression and it also known to extend babies sleep-which is why many parents include it in their bedtime routine.

  • You and Me Music
    An inclusive music-based developmental playgroup for children of all abilities ages 3-5 years old and their caregivers. Everyone is welcome! You and Me Music is structured as a communication rich environment within the motivating context of music. Using visual supports, modeling, and aided language input, the communication needs of all children are supported throughout the session. This group is led by two specialists in early childhood and special education, Karin Nanos (speech and language pathologist), and Joanna Beatty (school psychologist). This is a great opportunity to:learn music and play routines to support your child’s language, social and cognitive development. At the same time, you can connect with your child, connect with other families, and form relationships with professionals who are experts in early intervention. Each group will have a teacher-led music time, a child-led free-play time, and opportunities for caregivers to engage in discussion of topics related to their children's development. Our Inclusion Position Statement: Diversity and inclusion increase richness of ideas, creative power, sense of community and respect for others.  Our playgroup provides a structure of support and routines that allows for all children to participate in their own way and ensures that all children have access to opportunities for communication.

  • Little Wonders
    This class will include literacy, sensory exploration, early math experiences, and a take home activity geared toward children 1 - 3 years. It will provide children with new experiences and give caregivers ideas for incorporating activities at home. 

    Parenting Book Club
    Please come and join us every other week on Monday morning to discuss the book that we are reading, we will be reading all parenting books. It is also about supporting each other as parents and coming together as a community to grow.

    Child Safety Courses
    Safely prepare for your child's arrival by joining our Baby Proofing Workshops and In-Home Assessments, CPR and AED classes and Car Seat Assessment Workshops.


  • Baby Proofing Services
    Certified by the International Association for Child Safety, Baby Proofing In Home Assessments are conducted by our facilitators to help make your home a safer place for your baby.  Assessments include a walk through, room-by-room, in depth report outlining recommendations identified and discussed with the family.