• Drop-In Play & Classes

    Drop-In Play  
    We offer a non-toxic yesteryear open playtime experience with our all-natural play environment. Enjoy spending time with other families at a relaxed unstructured pace. All ages.

    Winter Schedule: (Starting January)
    Sun: 10-12pm
    Tues: 10-12pm
    Wed: 10-12pm
    Fri: 10-12pm

    Little Wonders
    This class will include literacy, sensory exploration, early math experiences, and a take home activity geared toward children 1 - 3 years. It will provide children with new experiences and give caregivers ideas for incorporating activities at home. 

    Deaf/Hard of Hearing Playgroup
    A local group to connect families of young DHH kids; to support, encourage, and learn from each other in a fun, friendly, and respectful environment. Supported by Michigan Hands & Voices. Michigan Hands & Voices is a chapter of a non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting families of children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, as well as the professionals who serve them.

    We are parents, teachers, Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, audiologists, and interpreters just to name a few! Our diverse membership includes those who communicate orally, with signs, with cued speech, and/or combined methods.

    We offer support to families through:
    1) our vast state network of parents, DHH individuals, and professionals, and 
    2) programs starting at identification of hearing loss/deafness, and through educational and social support as the child grows.

    Cost: $10 per family 


  • Other Family Services

    Baby Sign Language 
    Get ready to set your daily routine to music while promoting language development, learning and fun! Sign and Play classes teach parents and caregivers how to use American Sign Language vocabulary to enhance communication with their little ones, promote bonding, boost vocabulary and more! You'll learn the most useful starter signs including those for food, drink, pets, family, clothing, transportation, manners and bedtime. Each week will also feature a Signing Tip, in which we will discuss the benefits of using ASL with babies and toddlers. This class is geared toward ages 3 and under and is based on the award-winning Baby Signing Time! 

    Infant Massage 
    Infant massage has benefits for parents and their babies. It supports bonding and attachment by allowing for quiet, uninterrupted time where parents are also able to work on reading their babies cues and respecting what they are communicating to them. Research shows that it decreases postpartum depression and it also known to extend babies sleep-which is why many parents include it in their bedtime routine.

  • Baby Proofing Services
    Certified by the International Association for Child Safety, Baby Proofing In Home Assessments are conducted by our facilitators to help make your home a safer place for your baby.  Assessments include a walk through, room-by-room, in depth report outlining recommendations identified and discussed with the family.