• Everyday Signs - Sign and Play

    Not required to take Baby Signing Time 1 before, just a new set of vocabulary. Get ready to set your daily routine to music while promoting language development, learning and fun!

    Baby Signing Time 2 teaches parents and caregivers how to use American Sign Language vocabulary to enhance communication with their little ones, promote bonding, boost vocabulary and more! You'll learn the most useful starter signs including those for clothing, transportation, manners, bedtime, and more. Each week will also feature a Signing Tip, in which we will discuss the benefits of using ASL with babies and toddlers. 

    This class is geared toward ages 3 and under and is based on the award-winning Baby Signing Time! series. This class comes with a 2-Disc Set (Includes DVD + Music CD)

    September 15 -October 20th 
    6-week class $120

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