• HypnoBirthing®

    A little nervous about birth? Want to know how to relax during labor? HypnoBirthing® is an amazing philosophy on how we view birth. Our five week HypnoBirthing® class will teach you the tools you need to have an empowered birth and is conducive to any birth choice: epidural ~natural ~induction ~home birth ~hospital birth ~water birth ~cesarean. HypnoBirthing® is a different approach to the way birth is approached and discussed. We discuss deep relaxation, the power of your own body, how your birth companion can feel more connected, birth partner support, birth plans, and self-hypnosis techniques. You will also receive the HypnoBirthing® textbook and relaxation CD. 

    Next available sessions: 

    Wednesday, April 18th - May 16th 

    Class time - Wednesday's 7-9pm

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  • HypnoBirthing® Refresher!

    Loved HypnoBirthing® for your last birth and need to refresh your memory? Join Danielle with ExpectingJoy Birth Services for the two most crucial classes if you're looking to utilize HypnoBirthing again. Join our first time HypnoBirthers for classes 2 & 3 where we will practice deep relaxation, breathing techniques, birth plans, and partner support. Book and relaxation CD not included in returning student tuition but can be provided if desired.