• Kids Reiki Workshop (6-12years)

    Reiki is pure love. It is the light that shines in every living thing. Kids Reiki is created for children who march to their own drum, are highly imaginative, and are sensitive to the feelings of all that surround them. These children will one day be our greatest teachers, guides, and leaders. Bringing Reiki, a simple energy healing technique, to kids deepens clarity and validates their inherent abilities. It also offers amazing benefits like improved concentration, empathy for self and others, enhanced relaxation and sleep, more creativity, enhanced compassion for all living things, and better self-awareness.

    Children will learn to give Reiki to self, others, plants, and animals. The class includes:
    Reiki Kids™ Coloring Book
    Energy Exercises
    Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I Attunement
    Art Project and Other Activities
    Healthy Snacks and Drinks (please notify if there are allergies)
    Kids Reiki Certificate

    A parent or loved one is encouraged to stay with each child/children s/he brings, but it is not necessary.

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