• Drop-In Play

    Drop-In Play 
    We offer a non-toxic yesteryear open playtime experience with our all-natural play environment. Enjoy spending time with other families at a relaxed unstructured pace. All ages.

    Family Enrichment & Play 
    In this drop in class parents and children will enjoy a variety of activities that rotate weekly. From story-telling, music and movement, family yoga, and creative crafts, and get a chance to play in the Nature’s Playhouse ‘all-natural’ environment. 

  • Courses

    Baby Sign Language 
    Get ready to set your daily routine to music while promoting language development, learning and fun! Sign and Play classes teach parents and caregivers how to use American Sign Language vocabulary to enhance communication with their little ones, promote bonding, boost vocabulary and more! You'll learn the most useful starter signs including those for food, drink, pets, family, clothing, transportation, manners and bedtime. Each week will also feature a Signing Tip, in which we will discuss the benefits of using ASL with babies and toddlers. This class is geared toward ages 3 and under and is based on the award-winning Baby Signing Time! series.

    Bump to Birth 
    Hands on and informative. This comprehensive, eclectic and evidence-based alternative childbirth class will bring you the tools and information needed for an empowered birth. Bonnie Miller RN and Gloria Cunningham are bringing their years of experience with the best of their bag of tricks.

    HypnoBirthing is a unique method of natural childbirth education, that involves methods of relaxation, breathing techniques and visualization -all of which allow women to use their natural instincts to bring about a safer, easier, more comfortable birth.

    Infant Massage 
    Infant massage has benefits for parents and their babies. It supports bonding and attachment by allowing for quiet, uninterrupted time where parents are also able to work on reading their babies cues and respecting what they are communicating to them. Research shows that it decreases postpartum depression and it also known to extend babies sleep-which is why many parents include it in their bedtime routine.

    It Takes A Village – Early Motherhood Group 
    New mothers and children ages 0 – 6 months along with siblings up to 3 yrs are welcome. The joys and challenges of new parenthood can be overwhelming and exhausting and can leave us feeling lost and isolated in our new world. This group is a chance to discuss some of these experiences in a friendly, supportive environment, full of people who are going through the same ups and downs and adjustments as you. Come to feel supported, build friendships, and share with each other the tools we've learned to manage the first months of parenthood.

    The Bubble Club 
    Play & Grow is a our signature class, focusing on bonding with your new mini babies,and making unique first friendships with other parents who have new babies! We will learn through a variety of familiar songs, gross motor movement, tummy time, as well as Sign language, and a wide array of sensory activities. This class is specifically designed to help bring you together with other parents and caregivers who all have new little ones, and give you a place to talk about everything from new baby smiles to new baby diaper.

  • Fitness Classes

    Prenatal Yoga 
    Prenatal yoga helps mamas stay present in their changing bodies and helps improve the nervous system by calming the mind, which helps to facilitate pain management during labor. It helps to build stamina and strengthen the body, while also balancing the changing hormones and helping to reduce stress. 

    A unique class to Nature's Playhouse. Practice yoga while your child enjoys playing with our toys or practicing yoga by your side.

    Kids Yoga 
    Your little yogi will explore the many awesome benefits of the practice of yoga through story, adventure, and games. Yoga is a wonderful creative way for kids to discover their own strength, flexibility, and calm awareness.

    Baby & Me Yoga This class is a post-natal yoga class for parents and their babies. It is designed as a way for mamas and other caregivers, to strengthen and tone their bodies gently, while bonding with their baby. Regardless of how your baby was born, vaginally, cesarean section or adopted, both parent and baby will both benefit from this class.  

    All Levels Yoga 
    Accessible to students of all levels, this alignment based yoga class, encourages students to build awareness, strength, and focus, through meditation, connection to breath, and the creative sequencing of postures - helping to strengthen and balance the body, mind and spirit.  

    Babywearing Workout 
    Finding time to balance all of life’s challenges is difficult, especially when you add fitness to the mix. However, adding fitness to your weekly routine can help control your weight, lower chance for heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer, strengthen bones and muscles and improve your mental health and mood! No matter what your body type or your fitness history it is never too late to start your fitness journey and to show your children what it means to lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle. And what better way to do it than wearing your baby?!? Please join us for our beginner baby wearing workout classes!

    Babywearing Yoga 
    Babywearing yoga is an all levels, post-natal class for caregivers and their babies of all ages. In this class, you will connect with your baby through modified yoga poses that focus on balance and strengthening your core, while harmonizing your breath and heartbeat to your baby's.  

    Babywearing Dance 
    Babywearing dance is a post-natal dance class designed to get you fit and reacquainted with your body, while sharing time with your baby. Dancing with your baby is a natural way to soothe them if they’re fussy or upset. Partnered with music and movement, your baby will be in tune with the rhythm of your breathing, your heartbeat and your movements. This class fuses together latin dancing, belly dancing and ballet dance styles, as the movements in both latin dances and belly dance are similar to the rocking motion a baby would experience in utero and the natural movements you would use to soothe your baby.

    Prenatal Belly Dance 
    This class is designed as a way to strengthen the pelvic floor and release tension in the low back and hips. The movements in this class are gentle and help to relieve stress while also helping with balance. 

    Adult Belly Dance Fitness Belly dance is an empowering dance that connects both the mind and the body. This class focuses on basic belly dance technique through isolation and muscular training. The class includes warm up, technique, drills, and integration of technique in short dance combinations. 

    Kids Belly Dance 
    This belly dance series is designed for children ages 4-6 and will introduce basic belly dance technique, the fundamental posture, movement, and simple dance combinations in a fun learning environment. This class will help build social skills and dance confidence. 

  • Free Support Groups

    Hosted by the Detroit Babywearers this group of moms provide you with all the assistance you need to keep that bundle of joy happy and wrapped up close to you. Learn the basics and advanced techniques in slings, wraps, and more.

    Hosted by the The LaLeche League of Royal Oak which provides nursing assistance, education, and information to new moms.  LaLeche promotes breastfeeding as a natural element in the healthy development of both the growing child and mother.

    Birth Recovery  
    Providing friendship and support through the sharing of our  birth experiences.  Unlike in film and TV, the birth experience can be an extremely difficult process for some.  Our experience may be far from what we had planned, and often we may be traumatized by it, but through the shared wisdom of peers who have experienced similar difficult birth events we can begin to find ways to heal ourselves.

    LGBT Parenting Support Group 
    The purpose of the group is for LGBT families to have a monthly opportunity to get together to get to know one another and to discuss topics of interest.