• Happy 5th Birthday Nature's Playhouse!

    Join us Saturday, November 5th & Sunday, November 6th as we celebrate 5 years of Nature's Playhouse! 

    *Crafts & Refreshments all day*

    Saturday 10am-8pm

    10-11am Fitness (Baby & Me)
    11-12am Fitness (Yoga Play/Family Yoga)
    12-1pm It Takes A Village & Support Groups
    1-2pm Birth Education
    2-3pm Feeding with Love
    3-4pm Baby Sign & Play
    4-5pm Fitness (Prenatal)
    5-6pm Infant massage
    7-8pm Evening Reiki Healing Meditation
    **Please pre-register HERE - Reiki workshop space is limited

    2-4pm - Massage Services
    Sunday 9am- 5pm

    9-10am Self-Reflexology for Daily Calm and Sleep Bliss
    **Please pre-register HERE - Reflexology workshop space is limited
    10-11am Fitness (Core Health)
    11-12pm Baby Sign & Play
    12-1pm Fitness (Dancing For Birth)
    1-2pm Feeding with Love
    2-3pm It Takes A Village & Support Groups
    3-4pm Fitness (Stroller Workouts)
    4-5pm Birth Education

    11-1pm Massage Services