• Reflexology for Hormone Balance

    Frazzled during your moon time? Feeling off postpartum? Need help moving into your wise years? Create greater calm and brain harmony, more peaceful sleep and physical flow, and hormonal balance with the ancient art of Reflexology - a gentle, hands-on relaxation and balancing technique that boosts circulation, calms the nervous system, and restores hormonal flow throughout the body.

    Learn Foot Reflexology basics; how to give a simple hormone-balancing relaxation session to others (men & women); how Reflexology can support daily calm and uplifted mood; techniques to address common hormonal issues in all phases of life; and an easy to follow Reflexology session flow. Give and receive a full Reflexology session in class. Learn to give a treatment to yourself. Perfect for teen years, preconception, prenatal (after 1st trimester), postpartum, fertile years and beyond.


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