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    Shop, Save & Support - Promotes Mom Entrepreneurship. During these select Friday's you can enjoy Drop in Play for FREE while one of our Mom showcases her entrepreneurship skills. No purchase is required!

    This free drop in play is sponsored by Jamie Boyse and Laura Hallett. Founders of Undiluted.LIFE, these two ladies help encourage a natural way of life using essential oils. Undiluted.Life is a community of moms, friends, sisters, daughters, housekeepers, personal chefs, caregivers and cheuffeurs- sound familiar? We educate in the many different ways that essential oils can safely be used to make life easier, keep germs at a distance, help regulate emotions, connect with your spouse and much more. We are Young Living distributors with the real life experience on how to use essential oils on ourselves and our kids. We also have an iTOVi scanner available to help take the detective work out of figuring out which oils your individual body needs.

    Join Jamie and Laura for a FREE drop-in play on November 17th. Learn about this amazing wellness company and how it can make you and your family feel their best!

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