• The Ultimate Mama Workshop on Pelvic Floor and Core Health

    New and seasoned moms welcomed!

    Join Ashley Gammon postnatal fitness expert specializing in pelvic floor and core health for women.

    In this workshop Ashley will educate you about your postpartum body and give you the tools you need to get started so that you have a body that functions right, and most importantly that makes you feel good! Postpartum is forever!

    Once you enter motherhood you will be in the postpartum stage forever and your postpartum body will continue to stay in it’s same state as long as you let it! Ashley will teach you what those stages to recovery are and also talk about why it's so important to take these steps. Building the foundation of core and pelvic floor first so that you have a strong foundation and can reach your goals safely.

    Not sure if this workshop is for you? Have you had a baby? Do you pee your pants when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or exercise? Do you have lower back or hip and pelvic pain? Experience painful sex after delivery? Have a diastasis recti? Things just don't feel right after delivery? Yes?? Then this workshop is for you!

    If you have specific questions feel free to contact Ashley via email ashley.beyoutifulwithin@gmail.com. Ashley's goal is to educate women in this very important, yet often ignored area in women's health and to empower women to feel BeYOUtiful postpartum bodies that function right!

    Friday, April 20 
    Cost $47

    Register HERE